Starting on the 30th of November 2009 we will be uploading a painting a day to the blog

Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Frozen Lobster collection'

'30 pieces in 30 days' is an Art project from the artist collective known as 'Cloak & Dagger'.
The members of the group met up for collaborative art sessions to put together their first official collection of work.
Each member would start working on a piece of 5" x 7" cotton rag paper and then pass it onto the next artist to continue working on it. The end result was an interesting blend of the artists styles and visions that came together in a harmonious whole.
The collection of work is called 'Frozen Lobster' and comprises of 30 pieces of unique and original artworks. Therefore each day a new piece will be shown and offered for sale, starting with 'Frozen lobster - day 1', 'Frozen Lobster - day 2' and so on.

Each piece will be offered on eBay for 5 days starting at only $19. Be sure to bid early on in the exhibition, before the word gets around and you have to compete with other bidders for a piece.

Each piece is a unique creation combing mixed media including acrylic paint, crayons, oil pastels and even stamps! Artwork is shipped in a protective plastic slip with card board backing and is sent in a heavy duty card package. Stamped an numbered on the back for authenticity.

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